Integrated corporate and financial communication

Australian Ethical


Retainer client providing corporate and financial communications support 2015-2016

  • Drive a deeper market understanding of Australian Ethical’s business model and strategy for success
  • Position the firm as a key beneficiary of the trend towards sustainable investing
  • Improve investor sentiment through positive message seeding and more proactive issues management (eg remuneration structure; performance fees)
  • Support the firm’s growth by attracting a more mainstream investor audience
  • Improve liquidity and boost shareholder value by increasing interest in the company as a publicly
    listed investment opportunity
What We Did
  • Built a holistic multi-stakeholder corporate and financial communications program to support
    AEI’s evolving growth story
  • Undertook a detailed message development process to identify how to connect with priority audiences
  • Financial calendar work: provided advice and developed materials to maximise Australian Ethical’s full-year and half-year results
  • Provided media training to the executive team to ensure they deliver the corporate story effectively
  • Engaged with finance and business journalists to broaden the profile of the company beyond ‘green’ publications
  • Developed and proactively managed a more formal issues management register
Client Outcomes
  • The volume of coverage in financial services media and mainstream media has doubled over the course of the Honner campaign: 119 pieces of coverage have been achieved in the last 8 months, compared to 60 in the previous 8 months.
  • The quality of coverage has also increased and is more aligned with Australian Ethical’s business priorities: 26 positive articles were written on the company’s full-year results, a profile piece was achieved in the weekend Australian Financial Review and over 50% of articles written about Australian Ethical give the client 100% share of voice.
  • Increased volume of share trades and increased share price against fall in benchmark over six months; and on day after media briefing
  • Tangible correlation with super fund membership interest and fund inflows to increase funds under management
Integrated corporate and financial communication Integrated corporate and financial communication