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Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications   >

A company’s reputation is one of its most decisive attributes. Promoting, protecting and maintaining that reputation is at the very core of our corporate communications offering.

Financial PR

Financial PR   >

Building shareholder value as a public company or with a new owner starts with good communications and a compelling corporate story.

Marketing Solutions

Marketing Solutions   >

Marketing programs should be focused on driving business results, but at Honner we also believe the foundations of a successful marketing campaign is to clearly understand and manage the end to end experience customers will receive. 

Internal communications

Internal communications   >

Employees can often be the last ‘audience’ companies focus on in their drive to build effective stakeholder communication. However we believe employees can be a firm’s most powerful advocate.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing   >

The last decade has seen content marketing evolve from a niche sub-sector to a mainstay of modern marketing strategy – but brands are increasingly grappling for a share of voice to effectively engage their target audiences. 

Media & Presentation Training

Media & Presentation Training   >

We work with CEOs and senior executives to hone their media and presentation skills.

Digital communications

Digital communications   >

We see digital media channels as an exciting opportunity for true engagement with stakeholders where brands can create a personal face, amplify their presence and have a voice in the conversation.

Research and insights

Research and insights   >

We firmly believe that measurement and reporting is a key element of any successful communications program – and is essential in maintaining the internal support needed to ensure the success of your communications strategy.

Our Clients

We look to work with organisations that are leaders in their field, or challenger brands that have places to go and interesting things to say. Below is a sample of clients over the past two decades.