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Honner Blog 10/11/2020


Several new niche financial publications have launched as publishers respond to the rise of ‘Robinhood’ investors. Read about the latest media news, insights and industry moves in Honner’s Quarterly Media Wrap.


Honner Blog 30/09/2020


“Seeing is believing” is more than a cliché. In this Q&A, Honner’s partner videographer Theo Fatseas shares insights on making compelling videos that resonate with audiences.


Honner Blog 27/05/2020

Honner survey: what COVID-19 has meant for the way financial journalists work

We wanted to understand what COVID-19 has meant for the way financial journalists work, so we did a survey to find out. Here’s what we discovered, writes Managing Director, Paul Cheal. 


Honner Blog 19/05/2020

Media in the new normal of COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has changed every aspect of our lives, and this has been especially true for the media, who have been working round the clock like any other front-line essential worker. With everything else around the world practically coming to a standstill, the news cycle has picked up pace, buzzing with demand for trusted, timely and relevant information like never seen before.


Honner Blog 6/03/2020

Favourable news coverage is not a ‘great outcome’ – so let’s stop calling it that

It is a common mistake in PR to refer to positive news coverage as a “great outcome”. AMEC has defined communicational outcomes as the effects in the perceptions, attitudes and behaviour of our target audience. None of these changes are observable through news coverage.


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Financial Planning Bushfire Pro-Bono Program – Open and ready to help those in need

In the aftermath of the recent bushfire disaster, financial planners across the country have come together to offer the Financial Planning Bushfire Pro Bono Program to help those impacted by the bushfires to rebuild financially.

The program – open and ready from today - is a joint initiative from the Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA) and the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) and is a collaborative response from the financial planning profession to support communities affected by the bushfires.


Monoova appoints payments specialist Tyson Hackwood as Head of Growth

End-to-end payments provider Monoova welcomes Tyson Hackwood as Head of Growth, further supporting the firm’s expanding capabilities in the Australian payments market.


BetaShares advocates for a universal pension funded by superannuation contributions

BetaShares, a leading Australian ETF provider, has proposed that the Federal Government adopts a system that could provide a pension to all Australians in retirement age, funded partially by superannuation contributions. The proposal was made in the company’s submission to the Australian Treasury as part of its consultation with market participants on the Retirement Income Review.


Retirees need to accumulate over half a million dollars to escape the ‘retirement trap’

Superannuation, external assets and the government's age pension can interact to produce unintended and undesirable outcomes for certain Australians, new analysis(1) has confirmed.   

Work co-authored by Dr Roger Cohen, Senior Investment Specialist at leading ETF provider BetaShares, shows that for Australians at ‘retirement age’(2), with savings of between ~$350,000 and ~$600,000, increasing their savings may ironically result in their income decreasing. This analysis is consistent with existing research findings(3).


BetaShares Australian ETF Review – Year End 2019: ETF industry finishes a record-smashing year at an all-time high

A strong December capped off a remarkable year for the Australian ETF industry, in which multiple records were smashed. The industry added $21 billion during 2019, by far the highest annual change on record, to reach an all-time high of $61.8 billion in funds under management (FuM) at the end of December, according to the BetaShares Australian ETF Review – Year End 2019.


FPA to launch pro bono support program for bushfire impacted Australians

The Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA) is in the process of establishing a pro bono program where members can volunteer their time to help Australians impacted by the bushfires rebuild financially.


Aviva Investors sees a modest but meaningful improvement in the global growth outlook

Aviva Investors, the global asset management business of Aviva plc (‘Aviva’), expects global growth to pick up modestly in 2020, having established a trough at around the turn of the year. More importantly, worries about a more severe downturn or even recession next year have diminished significantly. The main reason for this is the agreement of a Phase 1 trade deal between China and the US, although tentative evidence of a gentle rebound in the industrial sector has also helped.


'Modest upside' for equities in 2020

The US and most other major economies should avoid a ‘hard landing’ in 2020 with modest upside for equities driven by earnings growth, according to Lazard Asset Management.


BetaShares adds to its leading ethical range with new Diversified Bond ETF (ASX: GBND)

BetaShares, a leading Australian ETF manager, has launched an ETF that gives investors access to a diversified portfolio of high-quality global and Australian bonds that meet strict responsible investment criteria. The BetaShares Sustainability Leaders Diversified Bond ETF – Currency Hedged (ASX: GBND) is also the first ETF available on ASX that specifically allocates a significant proportion of its portfolio to ‘green bonds’.


BetaShares Australian ETF Review November 2019: ETF industry breaks the $60B milestone

The Australian ETF industry is set to finish 2019 strongly, setting multiple records in November as funds under management (FuM) broke through the $60 billion barrier, according to the BetaShares Australian ETF Review – November 2019.

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