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Are you up with the world’s best (well at least most expensive) marketing?by Guy McKanna

This year's Super Bowl adverts are worth watching to witness what the world's top brands are currently doing in terms of marketing, differentiation and consumer communication.
Over two-thirds of American households watch the game and Nielsen research states that almost 50 per cent of viewers watch the commercials more than what’s happening on the field.

What is clear is there are few straight product pushes. Almost all of the advertisements aim to create an emotional connection to encourage consumer action.
Budweiser, for example, takes you on a nostalgic journey (serenaded by Bob Dylan) from its traditional past to its modern environmentally-conscious 'wind-powered' beer.
Stella Artois uses some big names to highlight it is a time of change—and how people should get onboard the change train. 
Microsoft is more enlightening, showing that it stands for more than IT. It stands for inclusivity and its Super Bowl advert demonstrates how it enables everybody of every type to be involved, be part of its community. Its Alexa advert shows the awesome power of technology.
These adverts are the results of millions of dollars of research and testing and show what consumers today want.
Are you as well-versed in the wants of your consumers? If not, watch these adverts and see what the trends will be for your customers over the next few years. 
If you would like help with your marcomms, or marketing, let us know and we'll hook you up with our in-house well-credentialed marketing guru.

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