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Honner is a full-service PR consultancy that specialises in providing multi-stakeholder communications advice to financial and corporate brands.

Helping clients achieve their business objectives through more effective communications.

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Honner is one of Australia’s leading communications specialists in the financial and corporate sector. Our difference is our in-depth industry knowledge – and the networks we can offer our clients.

The way organisations communicate is constantly evolving. We take a multi-channel approach, advising on opportunities in the media as well as direct to stakeholders such as customers, employees, members and prospects: people who directly impact a business.

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The evolution of blockchain

The world first became aware of blockchain in 2008, with the arrival of crypto-currency Bitcoin. People could see the potential of Bitcoin. They could see the problems. But, most importantly, they could see that blockchain works in practice.


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  • ARCA
  • Link Group
  • Investec
  • BOQ Specialist
  • TIAA Henderson
  • Perpetual
  • AIA
  • NAB
  • Beta Shares
  • Franklin Templeton Investments
  • AXA
  • ARCA
  • Link Group

Honner Blog

So what is this blockchain all about?

Thanks in part to publicity about crypto-currency Bitcoin, there is a huge amount of discussion about the new technology called blockchain.


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Industry News

VR, Periscope and telepresence: are you keeping up with the next wave of shareholder communications?

While traditional methods of shareholder communication are still important, developments in digital technology are breathing new life into statutory reporting events.


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Extending Our Global Reach

Honner is the Australian representative of the Global Financial Communications Network, a prestigious network of financial and corporate communications PR consultancies operating in major markets around the world.